Our completely Italian production process is based on highly skilled craftwork performed by master artisans who lovingly fashion each bag with the care worthy of a unique masterpiece.


Tailored versions

Our product typology and craftsmanship allow customers to personalise their chosen bag by selecting the model and materials as well as the decorative and supplementary accessories according to personal preference. The bag will be fashioned as a single piece and will always remain so.

Special collections and limited editions

Our special editions are characterised by the use of restricted series or non-replicable leathers, materials and accessories. Special collections and limited editions include designs developed in collaboration with renowned artists and designers.

A dedicated department caters for unique and unrepeatable pieces in terms of materials, handcrafted elements and accessories.


Each bag has its own distinctive personality and the charm of an item that is always current, the precious materials we employ and our continuous dedicated research ensure that every piece is unique, authentic and timeless.

The quality of the materials, the design of the decorative elements and Made in Italy craftsmanship are the hallmark characteristics of our product.

A little jewel

The accessories that embellish each bag, including buckles, ornaments, clasps, and studs, are designed and made exclusively for our collections and only in quality materials such as silver, bronze and brass.

Our careful attention to detail and the meticulous control of each assembly stage ensure the highest quality standards so that each bag assumes the value of a little jewel.